Nano Assisted Delivery System (N.A.D System®)

N.A.D, or Nano Assisted Delivery, is revolutionary German technological innovation brought to you by Aivonda®. Based on the foundations of Nanotechnology (which involves the study and use of materials at an extremely small scale at sizes of millionths of a millimeter ie. x 10 -6mm), Aivonda's N.A.D System® applies this to the fields of dermatology by enabling the effective reduction of active ingredients to the size of 15nm (approximately 2,000 times smaller than normal skin pores)! In order to help these ingredient particles penetrate your skin pores more efficiently, NAD helps accelerate the speed and ease of absorption into targeted dermal regions. Thereby, the therapeutic benefits of these particles are optimally-enhanced as they immerse more quickly and deeply into your skin.

Aivonda® Phytexcell Technology

Aivonda® has pioneered the unprecedented use of Phytexcell Technology in dermatological fields to complement the use of our N.A.D System®. This state-of-the-art American-based technology optimizes the extraction of therapeutic nutrients via existing microwave extraction technology, thereby generating the richest content from plant actives.

Phyto Stem Cell Technology

The invention of this novel plant cell culture technology has its origins in a Swiss apple. Little known to the world, stem cells in this rare species are rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites, both of which would extend the longevity of skin cells. Phyto Stem Cell Technology works under the premise of cultivating de-differentiated callus cells (or wound tissue) by inducing special plant tissue elements from the apple under special conditions. These callus cells (or stem cells) are then further cultivated within specially developed bio-reactors before the end product- phyto stem cells- are obtained.

Beauty From Within

With these breakthroughs, Aivonda's dedicated team of scientists was able to leverage these technologies to develop our new revolutionary skincare range which preserves your natural beauty by healing your body from inside out.