Facts & Discoveries


For centuries, natives of North-east China (Manchuria) possessed the admirable ageing traits of fine, maturing wine. Their clear and radiant complexion seemed to mysteriously defy the laws of time. Even though both men and women spent long hours tending to crops under the scorching sun, their skin put up an uncanny resistance to the damaging effects of UV rays. The women also seemed to retain their vitality and strength throughout their enduring lives, and did not manifest the disruptive and uncomfortable symptoms of menopause.

After many years of in-depth research, scientists finally discovered the secret to their vitality and strength: soybeans. One main property inherent in soybeans (which grew in abundance in the region) is isoflavone. Isoflavones are responsible for triggering the production of Hyaluronan- a natural body component which rejuvenates and repairs skin tissue. In addition, isoflavones contain estrogenic qualities which are critical in maintaining the skin's youthful vibrancy by keeping ageing symptoms at bay.

Soy isoflavones can function like estrogen in your body. They are known to possess a natural ability in alleviating menopausal symptoms. Soy beans also contain high amounts of protein, including all essential amino acids (the only such vegetable source). Soy beans are also a rich source of calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, B-vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and fiber.

Isoflavones can:

  • Enhance skin smoothness, firmness, stimulate collagen formation and improve skin elasticity
  • Enhance moisture in skin and mucous membranes
  • Give you a greater sense of well-being
  • Anti-oxidant characteristics which neutralizes cancer-causing cells and prevent premature skin aging
  • Alleviate PMS and menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes and mood swings

Facts About Estrogen

Estrogen, unknown to many, is a group of hormones that is vital to a woman's health. Apart from regulating the menstrual cycle, estrogen also plays a critical function in facilitating the reproductive process. It is also responsible for the development of specific physical traits. For example, this includes the development of the female form which includes breasts, buttock, a widened pelvis, less facial and acne breakouts, less facial hair and significantly smoother skin.

Estrogen might seem pre-dominantly beneficial only to females, however, the contrary is true. In women, estrogen is produced in the ovaries. In men, estrogen is also manufactured as by-products of the testosterone conversion process. A healthy balance of testosterone and estrogen is essential for the maintenance of a healthy libido, improved brain functions, as well as the preservation of bone strength.

Estrogen builds up in our bodies during our growing ages and begins to decline when we age, and subsequently enter into the menopause stage where the body aging process starts to show. This will include aging symptoms such as dryness of skin, sagging skin, development of visible wrinkles and old age pigments, etc.

We know all the therapeutic benefits of estrogen. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of estrogen is the side effects of its oral consumption. Moreover, in order to realize these benefits, a high dosage is required to achieve the desired results. This could lead to serious consequences such as the development of cancerous cells.

Our Discoveries

Through Aivonda's extensive research, our scientists have discovered that a solution. By external application, you can now achieve all the benefits of estrogen - only without the harmful side effects.

Phytoestrogen are active plant cells which is a compound of isoflavones or estrogen-like properties found in some plants and plant products (soy food or legume plant). Soybeans and soy derivatives possess inherently large amounts of isoflavones (sub group of Phytoestrogens) which is also a vital ingredient in Aivonda's Tri-Phytoestrogen Age-Defying & Instant Revitalisation Cream.

Aivonda's Tri-Phytoestrogen Age-Defying & Instant Revitalisation Cream can be applied directly to your face for quick moisturizing effects. Say goodbye to fine lines and pigmentation for good. Experience a more radiant skin texture and healthier skin tone in as quickly as within four weeks!

For optimal desired results, it can also be applied at targeted areas below the collarbone (where our immune systems hub is located) and inner arms (vital lymph node regions), phytoestrogens can now be effectively transported to other parts of your body, resulting in optimal desired results. Through a size reduction process via our revolutionary N.A.D System®, the molecules of the natural ingredients are nanonised into small particles, where it can now easily penetrate and be absorbed into the skin.


Worried About Wrinkles?

In order to remain youthful always, skin cells are crucial; as the primary elements responsible for the maintenance, replenishment and regeneration of damaged skin cells and tissue. But as time and tide waits for no man; the natural aging process will also determine the health of these skin cells, epitomised by declining numbers and diminished proficiency- along with time. The inevitable to your skin? Damage from UV rays, loss in vitality, and most certainly, wrinkles.

The Miracle

Our main source utilised in the cultivation of phyto stem cells is a rare vintage Swiss apple variety prominent for its shelf life; equipped with a unique ability to be kept for long periods without losing any flavour or texture. This intriguing discovery has long astounded researchers, which led to specific investigations to uncover the secret behind this immortality.

The Swiss scientists soon unearthed a miracle component- a certain liposomal active ingredient derived from the stem cells of the Swiss apple which displayed extraordinary proficiencies in rejuvenating aging skin. In particular, In-Vivo experiments performed have demonstrated a clear nourishing effect on human skin cells located at the base of the epidermis (skin cells responsible for continually renewing the surface epidermal layer) by stimulating and protecting them against ultra-violet (UV) radiation. This resulted in a significantly reduced manifestation of unsightly wrinkles, triggering a revolutionary skin transformation to radiate a fresh, youthful glow.

My Best Friend, Phyto Stem Cells.

Stem cells contain specific epigenetic factors critical to the preservation of multi-potency levels and ability to self-renew. Comprehensive studies have shown that phyto stem cells contain similar epigenetic factors which can reproduce the same positive impact on your skin! As observed through measurable results, tests have shown that phyto stem cell culture extract can impart an age-delaying effect on your skin by enhancing the proper function of skin cells.

With this great Phyto Stem Cell discovery- comes miraculous skin recovery?

Bye-Bye Wrinkles, Hello Vitality!

  • Promotes the vitality of skin cells

    What happens when cultures of epidermal cells are treated with different concentrations of phyto stem cells?

    View the amazing revitalizing effects of phyto stem cell characteristics on Figure 1

  • Preserves the ability to form new epidermal tissue

    Young, vital skin cells formed a complete, multi-layered epidermis during an experiment performed under laboratory conditions. However, when this same experiment was conducted using older skin cells, they did not multiply and no epidermis was formed.

    These results were anticipated as the depleted old skin cells were already at the end of their lifecycles. However, when phyto stem cell extract was introduced, this triggered an amazing rejuvenating effect as the old skin cells now displayed a new lease of life- by generating a complete, stratified epidermis.

    Witness the amazing "resurrection" on Figure 2

  • Anti-wrinkle effect

    In a clinical trial conducted on 20 female individuals aged 37 to 64, the anti-wrinkle properties of phyto stem cells was put to the test.

    Behold the "disappearing wrinkle act" on Figure 3

  • Protection Against UV Radiation

    In another unprecedented study, the extent of UV damage on blood stem cells was evaluated by scientific analysis to prove the viability of phyto stem cells against the sun's harmful UV rays. How do the phyto stem cells measure up in the ultimate UV test?

    Capture all the results and evidence exposed on Figure 4