About Us

Aivonda® is a leading global beauty and skincare brand which has managed to establish herself globally over the years. Apart from implementing our own stringent quality standards in our development and manufacturing processes in order to meet regulatory requirements imposed by the relevant authorities in USA, Europe, Australia and Singapore, Aivonda® is also dedicated towards research and development (R & D) in beauty technology. And today, we are pleased to announce our success with landmark technological innovations in our Phytexcell Extraction and Nano-Assisted Delivery system (N.A.D System®).

As pioneers in synergizing the miracles of nature together with state-of-the-art innovative technology, Aivonda® uncovers thez secrets of nature to bring out the inner natural beauty in you.

Because here at Aivonda®, your beauty is our priority.

Our Mission

Aivonda® strives to become the market leader, global brand and premium provider of beauty and skincare products.

Our Vision

Aivonda® strives to manufacture beauty and skincare products of the highest quality through constant product research and innovation to suit the diverse aesthetic needs in every individual.

Aivonda® Quality Benchmark

Aivonda® advocates a strict company policy against animal testing of any kind. All Aivonda® products are produced wholly from natural ingredients and have undergone rigorous scrutiny to ensure they meet Aivonda's quality standards. Aivonda® beauty and skincare products are suitable for all ages and gender unless stated otherwise.