Soy Isoflavones - Ingredient for Anew-Phytoestrogen Cream

A potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent for the skin, soy also contains Genistein, a prominent soy component which possesses a collagen-stimulating effect, and various other compounds which are responsible for the suppleness and elasticity in your skin. Isoflavones comprises a chemical structure similar to the female hormone, estrogen. Known for evident health benefits, the various effects of isoflavones have been well-documented in established scientific journals. Due to the similarity, isoflavones can interfere with the action of your body's natural estrogen, reducing or aggrandising activities depending on the type of estrogen receptors in the cells. Isoflavones may compete with natural estrogen for the same receptor sites, thereby diminishing the health risks of excess estrogen. They may also lead to an increase in estrogen activity, easing menopause symptoms by moderating estrogen levels during menopause.

While the drastic changes in skin conditions can be mainly attributed to aging the role of Isoflavones have been deemed more than essential for the prevention of aging skin and thus, being increasingly used in various cosmetic fields.

Benefits of Isoflavones include:

  • Reduces free radical damage which causes wrinkled and darkened skin
  • Protects from photo-damage
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Improves hormonal imbalance in skin (oily skin, dry skin, adult acne, Rosacea, etc)